General conditions

    Terms and conditions 'My Dream Box'

    (version 2019-1 preached from 25-01-2019 and since then in force)

    Enterprise data
    My Dream Box – sole proprietorship of Berrens Chris
    Polderstraat 21, 2360 Oud-Turnhout
    Phone: +32 487 41 01 61
    Email address: [email protected]
    Vat identification number: BE 0702,841,115

    The terms and conditions below apply to all sales agreements between 'my dream box' and the customer, both via the website/shop https://www.mijndroomkastje.be and through the physical point of sale/home address in Oud-Turnhout.

    Deviations from these general terms of sale can only be achieved by a written document signed by Berrens Chris regarding My Dream Box, and the customer. These terms and terms of sale exclude all terms and conditions listed in documents derived from the customer in full, even if these documents are from a more recent date. My dream box is entitled to change and/or supplement the terms and conditions at any time for future orders without personally notifying the customer and without the latter being able to claim any compensation.
    By using www.mijndroomkastje.be, and/or by placing an order or buying items from My Dream Box, the customer accepts to have read, approved and understood the terms and conditions, and to be bound to it.

    Implementation of the sales agreement

    After placing an order via the webshop, you as a customer receive confirmation via email (provided you have registered a correct email address) that we have received your order well and that the sales agreement has been reached.
    My dream box reserves the right to refuse an order when:
    1. there is a serious suspicion of bad faith or intent to defraud;
    2. There has been repeated abuse of the right of withdrawal;
    3. there are suspicions of repeated (legal) abuse or fraud by a customer;
    4. incorrect, suspicious or incorrect customer data are provided;
    5. It is established that a person several times indicates fictitious personal data;
    6. an abnormal quantity of a quantity ordered – possibly in different purchase orders – shall be determined which goes beyond a mere personal use;
    7. Orders for resale may be assumed to be made;
    8. There is force majeure.


    The items are intended exclusively for normal private use.
    The offer on the website is indicative, and not binding. All items on the website apply as long as the stock lasts, and cannot be available from an item under any circumstances leading to compensation for the customer. The color of items as visible on the screen may differ from reality, and may not cause the order to be rejected.
    My dream box reserves the right to withdraw products on the website at random and at any time.
    My dream box sells items through the website, and possibly through the customers at the home address at Oud-Turnhout. If by chance two customers want to buy the same item, physically or online, My dream box will choose who can buy the item, and all parties involved will be informed.


    All prices listed are prices each and expressed in EURO(€) and are included (21%) Vat. The prices do not include shipping costs, and these are listed separately. (more information about shipping costs at separate section) The price only closes on articles as the wordly defined accompanying photographs are intended decoratively and may contain elements or articles that are not included in the price. An order always applies to the price and action listed at the time of the order. If a product already purchased is found to have been discounted a short time later, no claim can be made for reimbursement of the price difference.
    Promotions and special offers are only valid as long as the stock lasts. These are not cumulable with other actions, and never apply to outlet or already discounted items. Coupons/codes also do not apply to outlet products.
    My dream box reserves the right to adapt orders to the correct applicable price or unilaterally cancel when it turns out that the price indications and/or product descriptions of (a) product(s) and any combined options on the website would have been incorrectly identified as a result of a technical or human deficiency.
    My dream box can adjust prices on an individual basis, without other customers being able to demand that same price.


    Booking of clothes is not possible via the website/shop. This is possibly provided that consultation and approval of my dream cabinet management is possible at the physical point of sale/home address. Only if the stock allows it whether the product can be ordered if any or if the product can be obtained in pre-order and can be booked. My dream box therefore holds the right to request an advance of 25% of the price of the item or the full payment. If the purchase does not go ahead on the customer's side for any reason afterwards, this advance is also not available. If my dream box cannot deliver the item to be ordered because of impotence on their side, the customer will be reimbursed for the advance by wire transfer and customer cannot claim compensation.

    Pré Orders

    Pre-orders are the ideal opportunity to get the outfit you love before they sell out.
    Pre-orders work in two ways: you can either make your full payment of the item or pay 25% of the full amount of your order in advance.
    If you pay with deposit of 25% use the code " PREORDER25 " this is an ADVANCE CODE and not a discount code.
    When you receive your pre-order code in the system, 25% will be charged.
    When the items are in stock, the remaining 75% will be billed to you by email. If the payment has not yet been received after 1 week, My dream box will contact you to remind you that the payment must take place within 3-5 days.
    If the payment has not yet been received, the transaction will be void.
    The items go back to the store and the deposit is lost.
    Check your order upon arrival and report errors by email or via our contact form within 3 days.


    All goods remain owned by My Dream Box until the full purchase amount is paid. The goods delivered continue to complete our property until the full payment of the price, including all costs and expenses, negligence interest and fees. If payment is not made, we reserve the right to take back the goods, legally and at the buyer's expense.
    The payment of the online orders can be made through various secure online payment methods and for this we use the Mollie platform. My dream box accepts cash payment at collection at home, not at the time of delivery, unless explicitly agreed between My Dream Cabinet and the customer.
    At My Dream Box you can also purchase gift cards, in accordance with their validity from the date of the declaration. If the amount of the order exceeds the amount of the gift voucher, the customer must pay the difference. If the amount of the order is lower than the amount of your gift voucher, the customer will keep this balance in the form of a credit, so no cash will be returned when issuing a gift card. No further conditions are attached to gift cards. Vouchers are attached to certain conditions and cannot be used for stocking-only items, items from the outlet, and are not cumulated with other promotions/discounts. Customer discount can be used on all items except outlet and promotions or discounts.
    If you notice something suspicious when you pay your order, we explicitly ask you to stop the payment immediately, make screen shots, and contact us immediately so that we can take any action.


    All texts, comments, magazines and illustrations and images shown on the website are protected by copyright and neighbouring rights, as well as by any intellectual property law for the whole world.
    Nothing from my dream box's website and its contents, may be photographed, stored, copied and/or disseminated, without explicit written permission from My Dream Box
    My dream cabinet cannot be held responsible for external websites and social media that links My dream cabinet.



    Items purchased from My Dream Box are paid by the customer for delivery. No delivery or order will be made as long as the full purchase amount has not been paid.
    Orders are delivered at the address or pick-up point, specified by the customer at the time of his order. The driver or transporter can request an ID when delivery. The customer signs proof for receipt of the delivery, by drawing a delivery certificate or a sign-off chosen by the transporter. This also depends on the way requested shipping by the customer. All ordered products in 1 order are delivered up to date.
    If the customer is not present at the time of the supply of products, the transporter tries to hand over the goods to one of the neighbours.
    The transporter can also deliver the goods in a pick-up point, you will receive a piece of paper in the bus with a notification where you can pick up the package. Through these terms and conditions, you as a customer explicitly give permission to hand over the goods to your neighbours in case of your absence, or in one of the pick-up points chosen by the transporter.


    The risk of damage or loss of purchased items will be transferred to the customer as soon as the package has been handed over by my dream box to your chosen transporter or shipping method during the order
    We check our items before we ship and provide a quality packaging. My dream cabinet cannot therefore be held responsible for the damage, theft or loss of goods during shipment. If you want insurance, please contact us. We work together with our permanent partners, BPOST & DPD, for the delivery of goods.
    If you as a customer are visibly damaged, you as a customer expect to refuse the shipment and provide us with a photo on which the damage is clearly visible, so that we can take action and address the transporter about it.


    During the ordering process, shipping costs are clearly stated. If you purchase €100,- and shipping within Belgium or €150 to the Netherlands, you as a customer do not pay shipping costs. If you purchase under €100 for Belgium and €150 for the Netherlands- you will pay shipping costs, which are clearly mentioned when the order is made.
    As a customer, you can choose from different possibilities:
    Bpost Home BE: €5.95
    Bpost Pick up point BE: €4.95
    Bpost to NL: €8.95
    Dpd Home NL:€8.95
    Dpd Pick up point NL:€6.95
    any shipping to other countries is possible after contact with my dream box to know what shipping costs can be charged to the country.

    Method of delivery

    By default, orders are sent to you, or to a delivery address or pick-up point you choose, and you can personally pick up your order in our physical point of sale/home address at Oud-Turnhout, this only by appointment via the website/email/phone.


    In terms of delivery, we work in order of entry of the orders. We aim for a delivery within 2 to 5 working days in Belgium, after confirmation of an order. If the delivery is delayed, or if an order cannot be executed or only partially executed, you will receive notice as a customer no later than 10 business days after the order. (more information about this in the separate section on recall right)
    No delay in delivery can lead to the termination of the purchase or payment of compensation for the benefit of the customer.

    Right of withdrawal

    The customer has the right to communicate my dream cabinet to forgo the purchase, without payment of a fine and without giving a motive within the 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the item.
    The right of withdrawal shall not apply to legal persons or for products purchased by a natural person for professional use.
    In order to exercise the right to withdraw, you must notify us of your decision to rescind the agreement within the 7 calendar days of the day following delivery via an unambiguous statement. You can do this by e-mail or letter or the contact/return form on our website. The burden of proof of the exercise of the right of withdrawal lies with the customer.
    The customer is asked to return the goods to the original packaging. Products that would not be in this condition when they receive my dream cabinet will remain available to the customer. The term of posting is 1 month, after which my dream cabinet becomes the owner of the product.
    In the event of the exercise of the right to withdraw, the customer will return the products to or return to My Dream Box by all means and at your own risk and costs. Shipments "port paid by the recipient" and "against cash bours" are refused.
    For the following Articles, the right of withdrawal shall not apply:
    1. Swimwear
    2. Articles that no longer wear the original labels
    3. Items purchased at a discount
    4. Articles not in new condition, wearing sweat stains, wearing stains
    5. Items damaged
    6. Items washed
    7. Stockings                                                                                                                                      8. Hats

    My dream box reserves the right to hold the customer liable for the depreciation resulting from the use of the goods in the case of damaged, misengineered goods and which means that the goods are no longer marketable. Consequently, no refund will take place for the full value of the damaged goods.
    My dream box reserves the right to wait for repayment until the product or products were received.
    Subsequently, within a period of 14 calendar days after receipt of the products, as described above and if approval, the full purchase price paid is refunded in the form of a voucher/code. There is no cash paid out.
    Additional costs relating to delivery, if the customer has expressly agreed for a mode of delivery other than the standard delivery offered by my dream cabinet, will not be refunded.
    After verification and approval of the returned items, we will refund your order in the form of a voucher/code or 1-malig free exchange for another item or other size any shipping costs are at the expense of the customer.
    Return of course only applies to a purchase that happens online. Items purchased at the physical point/home address cannot be returned. The consumer cannot demand a refund or financial intervention from My dream box for reasons clearly included in the terms and conditions of the website and/or physical store.
    When you have questions about the right to withdraw, you can always contact us via e-mail [email protected] or through our contact forms on the website. You will then get answers to your questions as soon as possible.


    These conditions do not restrict or exclude the liability of My dream box when it comes to matters that we cannot restrict or exclude under the law.
    If one of the articles of these terms and conditions would be invalid or void or annulled by a competent court, this will not affect the validity of the other articles of those terms and conditions which then remain in full application.
    My dream cabinet carefully handles all the info available on the website. However, we cannot rule out the fact that certain information would be incomplete or incorrect. We are not responsible for typos, moves and printing errors which could inadvertently communicate the wrong selling price. If this occurs, the price will be adjusted as soon as possible.
    If you have a problem with a product you bought online from My Dream Box and you couldn't handle the complaint with us, you can file your complaint on the EU online dispute resolution platform (the "ODR platform").
    The ODR platform allows consumers and traders within the EU to resolve disputes arising from online purchases outside court. This user-friendly and interactive website is the only access point and is available for free in all official EU languages. Using the ODR platform, the consumer and the trader can find a dispute resolution authority and then find a solution to the customer's complaint. The ODR platform is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.


    According to the law on the protection of consumers in the case of the sale of consumer goods (the law of 21 September 2004), the consumer has legal rights and My dream box undertakes to respect these rights.
    If there is a production error, this is covered by the warranty. We contact our supplier about this in the event of such a suspicion and if there is an effective production error (no other wear or wrong manipulation) then we will rectify this error without having to pay costs.
    After a period of 14 days, any right to replace or compensation expires. Warranty is also not transferable.
    In order to invoke the warranty, the customer must be able to submit the proof of purchase, together with the original packaging and the accompanying original labels, labels.
    1. This guarantee will not apply in subsequent cases (the list below is not restrictive) in case of damage caused by fire, water (flooding) or lightning, accident, natural disaster
    2. in the event of damage caused by incorrect use, poor maintenance, abnormal use or any other use which is non-compliant with the instructions of the producer or seller
    3. in the event of damage caused by or by commercial, professional or collective use of the product.
    4. Swimwear

    5. Articles that no longer wear the original labels
    6. Articles not in new condition, wearing sweat stains, wearing stains
    7. Items damaged
    8. Items washed
    9. Stockings

    Force majeure

    We are not liable for a delay in the implementation or for a non-implementation of our commitments because of events beyond our control, included production interruptions, difficulties in supply or shortages of raw materials, workers, energy or transport or delays in transport, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages or other collective labour disputes, which either affect ourselves or our suppliers, even if these events are foreseeable .

    Contact for our customers

    You can always contact us with all your questions/comments/suggestions via email ([email protected]), phone (+32 487 41 01 61), social media (Facebook, Instagram) or via our contact forms on the website.


    If you are not satisfied with My Dream Box, you can always contact us via email ([email protected]omkastje.be), phone (+32 487 41 01 61), social media (Facebook, Instagram) or through our contact forms on the website.
    We explicitly ask you to express complaints in a discreet way, and not in public places, via social media, etc. In this way, we can look for solutions with you in all confidence.
    If you are not yet satisfied with our response, you can always address the independent service of the Ombudsman for Trade, and the Federal Government Economy to deal with consumer disputes extrajudicially. Please recommend the procedural regulations on the website in advance. You can contact the Trade Ombudsman via the following channels: [email protected] – Edmond Van Nieuwenhuyzenlaan 8, 1160 Brussels – KBO Brussel 0666,706,635.
    You can also turn to the European Commission's ODR platform: webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr
    Applicable law – competent court
    If one of the articles of these terms and conditions would be invalid or void or annulled by a competent court, the parties will, in joint consultation, replace this article with a valid article as closely as possible in line with the initial intent of the parties.
    All agreements concluded between My Dream Box and its customers (regardless of their place of residence) and these terms and conditions are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
    Any dispute relating to the existence, implementation and/or interpretation of these terms and conditions and all agreements between My Dream Box and its clients fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turnhout Court, unless My dream box chooses another court competent under the rules of the Judicial Code.

    Internet risks

    The customer is familiar with the limitations and risks of using the Internet or any other medium with which the website is made available now and in the future. The customer is also familiar with the risks of digitally or electronically storing and transmitting information. The customer accepts that My dream box is not liable for any damage, due to the use of my dream cabinet or internet website, due to the risks. The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can serve as evidence.

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